Cooperation is one of the most popular travel blogs in polish language. Since 2015 to now, our blog have gathered 32 million views.
In 2018, our blog had 2,1 million unique users, who have generated 4,7 million views.

In the summer season, each month our blog is visited by over 250,000 unique users who generate over half a million views.

The readers of the blog are both women and men and the largest age group are people aged 25-34.

The number of views of the blog from 1st January to 31st December 2019.

To communicate with the readers we are using social media, such as Facebook (12,000 followers), Instagram (13,700 followers) and YouTube (3,000 subscribers).

In our activities, we focus on long-term effects that will benefit in the long run. The content we publish, thanks to very good quality, reaches high positions in the search results.

Our successes

Our articles were twice on the list of the most popular travel articles published in National Geographic (in 2015 15th and in 2017 2nd place).

– in 2016 we had 29th place in the Polish Travel Blogs TOP500 ranking
– in 2017 we had 9th place in the Polish Travel Blogs TOP500 ranking
in 2018 we had 2nd place in the Polish Travel Blogs TOP500 ranking
– in 2019 we had 1st place in the Polish Travel Blogs TOP500 ranking
– in 2020 we had 4th place in the Polish Travel Blogs TOP500 ranking

In 2018, together with M. Pustuła and M.Teperek, we have won the Grand Video Awards prize for the production of the documentary movie Project Lunik.

Although we have been operating since 2015, thanks to our commitment, energy, diligence and perseverance, in a relatively short time we have managed to become one of the most read Polish travel blogs. We do not lack enthusiasm for action and ideas, so if you are interested in working with us, we encourage you to contact us!

mobile: +48 693 527 707

If you want to know what forms of cooperation we can offer, look below.

Possibilities of cooperation

Depending on the scale, we can provide a single action or a more complex promotional campaign. We work with both tourist organizations and brands. We always individually determine the conditions and possibilities of cooperation. We also make an individual valuation of activities. Cooperation with the region and the brand will proceed in a slightly different way, but will have some elements in common.

  • article or series of articles on the blog,
  • posts promoting articles on Facebook,
  • photos on Facebook,
  • photos on Instagram,
  • reports on Insta Stories,
  • product photography,
  • transfer of license for photos,
  • realization of the contests.

We have worked with

   keen Viperprint 

Exemplary cooperations

We have cooperated with many national and regional tourist organizations, we also implemented promotional materials for individual tourist facilities and with various brands.

Cooperation with Visit Germany – campaign promoting The Ruhr area
exemplary article: Muzeum Futbolu w Dortmundzie

Cooperation with National Center for Slovak Tourism in Poland – promotion of the Christmas Fairs,
exemplary article: Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy w Koszycach

Cooperation with Moldova Tourist Board – series of articles about Moldova,
exemplary article: Cricova – najsłynniejsza mołdawska winnica

Cooperation with Budapest Festival and Tourism Center – article about Budapest Christmas Fair (Jarmark Bożonarodzeniowy w Budapeszcie)


RoadTripBus is a company with its headquarters in Poland. We are also registered as a VAT taxpayer for cross-border transactions within the EU (VAT EU).


Wojciech Grabowski

mobile: +48 693 527 707